5 Ways To Make A Google And Client Cordial Website

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Everybody wants to own a website for one reason or another. A good website can work out well for both businesses and personal uses. Before we rush out to thousands of web designers available at our disposal there are several questions we need to ask ourselves.

  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • Which audience am I targeting?
  • What are the available technologies in the market?

If you have appropriate answers to these questions then launching a website will appear to be such a successful venture for you and that you should go ahead with your plans. However in this article I want to take you through some very important tips that you should put into consideration while designing a website that you want to be Google and customer friendly at the same time. Google is the most popular search engine therefore having your website ranked highly in it can be a positive and can work perfectly in attracting tons of new visitors to your website which may translate to larger sales hence more income. Many are times we deceive ourselves. That by having a visually stunning website is the key to online success. Well it may help but below are five very important tips that you must do to achieve maximum success.

Your Url Must Be Google Friendly/search Engine Friendly:

  • URL stands for universal resource locator which is a special electronic address that will be used by your targeted audience to access resources that you ought to share via your website.
  • Google is a search engine and it is important to know that Google does not use human beings to index content in their search engines. Instead Google uses automates systems or software otherwise known as spiders to index content.
  • In the modern world where most web designers are using content management systems such as Word Press it is common that you will come up with a superb site within hours but if you are not careful enough and leave the url at default settings then you will have committed a mistake that will cost you a lot of traffic that should have been generated via search engines such as Google. For example is a default url of a page that could be generated while using Word Press. This tells the search engine nothing at all on what the page is all about. Consider this example. This clearly tells the search engine spiders what the page talks about hence it will be able to direct the relevant audience towards your website.

Make A Responsive Website:

A responsive website is a website that is going to work on a wide range of devices that your customers may have. I emphasized on the need to know your audience well. This will help you to know the type of devices that they may be using to access the online content. In the modern days mobile devises are gaining popularity due to the fact that they are cheap and more portable. The word wide web on the other end has moved from the old static days to dynamic technology where websites need to be responsive and interactive with the customers. Making websites which will view well on both devices with high resolutions and low, large and big screens will make them accessible via all devises may it be smartphones, tablets or computers. You can do this by applying responsive themes that have already been predesigned for you and are available for downloads or learn how to customize your designs to make them responsive.

Use Optimised Images In Your Website:

Many web designers concentrate so much on text part of a website and tend to give less weight to images they place on their websites.

  • Images play a critical role in SEO and general performance of your site.
  • Sites with large images will make them load slowly and Google will have a negative review in there AdSense dashboard under site health. You can use tools such as Photoshop to reduce the photos size.
  • Also make sure you are using relevant images in your site and don’t forget to use alternative text. These text helps the search engine to know what the content is about. Also in case your photo fails to load due to one reason or the other the browser can display the text instead and the site users will have an idea of what should have displayed.

The Power Of Keywords:

Keywords help Google and other search engines to find your content. If you don’t use keywords in your website then Google may never find it. Research on keywords using the Google Ad Words keyword tool to determine which keywords or phrases are frequently searched for then make a point of including them wisely in your web pages, urls, headings and main body of your website.

Roll Out A Simple But Classic Design:

  • A website is as good as it appears.
  • Choose web friendly colour schemes for your website.
  • Make an easy to navigate website.
  • Don’t complicate things.
  • Always keep it simple so that even the users with basic knowledge can find it simple to navigate around your website while those who are advanced will also find it great in terms of design.

With the above few tips you will be amazed to see how successful you will be with your website.

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