Economy Plummets, but Web Development Sky Rockets

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When the economy decreases companies try new ways to cut cost or search for news to make revenue. For some cutting employees is the only option. Companies that have never used the internet are now learning how it’s a valuable resource to their company as it opens different aspects to them and their consumers. Some companies may believe that the internet is incompatible with the service they offer that is far from true as today you can find almost any service on the internet. If you look at most business today you can find almost any kind online from news media to coin collection. One business that had to change the way they reach their consumers is the newspaper industry.

During the growth of the internet news media became more accessible to consumers as they can check current news topics without having to wait in the morning for the paper.  This change to the way people find out current events put the newspaper industry in a crunch to update along with current technology. One great thing about the newspaper industry switching to the internet is anyone from any state can read their articles. Some newspaper companies found that going digital helped them stay alive in the economic times as they didn’t have to spend money on printing. Now reaching higher subscription rates than ever before companies like “The New York Times” found ways to make revenue through advertising on their website.

Digital media is a part of the future and with this option has provided news companies to keep databases of old content viewable to everyone. All major newspaper and local media providers are seeing that a majority of consumers only use the internet for their daily news source. Businesses of all type are now focusing on their possibilities that are available from using the internet as a second if not full way to operate. Many companies thought at first it was to expensive to get started on the internet but now they see that it may have been the most cheapest investment they could have made as the longer term revenue today is greater. Most news paper companies that never made their transition to the net have either collapsed or found it almost impossible to beat their competitors.

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