How Is Social Media Marketing Driving E-commerce

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The whole world seems to be integrated in the virtual world of social networking websites.  In case of Twitter and Facebook, it is insanely big and it should not come as a surprise if one spends a whole day or more just scaling through these social networking websites.  What started as a hub for friends and like-minded people to meet has quickly turned into something so large that it could set the prospects of your business soaring.  Here are top five reasons why social media can drive e-commerce.

  • Popularity: any person who uses internet will acknowledge the growing popularity of social networking websites.  Thousand of people join each day, they have millions of people they can choose to network with and updating happens by the seconds.  In case of Twitter for example,  the number of unique visitors from U.S reached 17 million in April, an 83% increase from March.  There is hardly anything on earth which can beat such a pace in popularity.
  • Communities: while there is every chance that you may get lost in the pool of people, communities bring in some organization. In order to apply this to e-commerce, you can join communities related to your business which immediately entails you to connection with people who belong to a business like yours.  Members of the community are constantly updating and pinging and there are high chances of finding people who would like to involve in your business directly or become your clients.
  • Interactivity: in a conventional advertising mode, your advertisement is   typically a well planned piece with a lot of time and effort put into its making.  Yet there is no way to get feedback from the people who view it.  In a social networking site,  this is ruled out.  Firstly you need not actually plan an advertisement.  If it is just written on an information mode it works fine.  In addition  to this, you can share links with people online and this way you are increasing traffic to your website and also having interested people getting there.
  • Speed: speed is the order of the day.  Social networking is now the easiest and quickest means to publicize and even sell your product all over the globe.  Even the biggest brand s in the world connect with their customers through networking websites.  No need to brood too much over writing an advertisement that your audience may like.  A simple message written in a conversational mode serves the purpose.
  • Expenditure: there is barely any money involved in using social media marketing for e-commerce.  All you need is a PC, access to internet and competence to work on the web.  This is probably the cheapest yet the most powerful modes of e-commerce

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