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In these days guest posting is becoming a crucial part to build the backlinks and increase traffic for the blog. Before discussing about “How to do guest posting?” you need to know about guest posting. Here I will explain about “What is guest posting? What are the uses of guest posting?”

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is also known as guest blogging. Guest posting means “publishing our articles in some other blogs (who allows guest posts) with one do-follow link to your site to get a backlink and to increase the traffic also. Before doing this guest posting, we must follow google webmaster guidelines like maintaining niche articles and links.

Example: Suppose you are building backlinks for “website development” category, then you have to publish our articles related to website development news blogs. If we publish articles in other blogs related health, travel…etc., then our site will caught by google under spam. So, we must follow google webmaster guidelines.

Difference between a blog and website:

Blog means having information with regular updates. Website means having information but not with regular updates.

What are the uses of guest posting?

Basically two uses of guest posting. Those are traffic and backlinks for the site. If you publish a well written article in good traffic blog, then you will get good traffic along with link back to your site. Guest posting or guest blogging is the best method to increase the traffic and page rank to your site as per off-page optimization in SEO If your blog is good with traffic and page rank, then you can accept paid posts or sponsored posts to your blog and make money with guest posting.

How to do guest posting?

Here I’m sharing my experiences in guest posting to helpful for beginners and also for some experienced guest bloggers.

  1. Firstly, we need to create one template to send the request to the blog owners to publish our article in their blogs.Here are the sample examples of guest posting templates…
  2. We have to search for the blogs to publish guest posts for our site to build the backlinks and traffic. First open search engines like, then type ‘write for us “education”’ in the search box to get the blogs which are allowing guest posts on education category. If you are looking for different category then change the category. Here are the few search queries for guest posting.
  3. Must know about domain authority and page rank of the blog to get the good quality backlink for your site.
  4. Use these search terms in different search engines like, Yahoo, Bing and AOL…Etc. to get more blogs to submit guest posts.
  5. Add communities like guest posts in Google+, Facebook and Twitter etc. First open your G+ profile, then go to communities and search for guest posts to get more blogs to submit guest posts.
  6. Increase your followers to get more traffic to your blog from your social media.
  7. Mostly you will get some paid responses to submit guest posts in their blogs. You have to convince them to publish your article.
  8. Before publishing the article, you have to check the article is unique content or not? Here are most usable sites to check the plagiarism test: Register into these sites to check the plagiarism test more efficiently.
  9. By using directories also we can find more blogs to publish guest posts without searching on different categories. Here are the top 50 free blog directories.
  10. We can search from many online tools to get more blogs. Here is one example for guest query generator. By using this tool, we can find many search queries for guest posting on different categories.
  11. We can search more blogs from social media also like Facebook and twitter…etc. Here is one example to find the guest post links via twitter tool.
  12. If you’re looking for guest posts to your blog or to submit guest posts then some free service sites are here like bloggerlinkup, myblogguest, guestr,, guest and many more blogs are there. By using blogs you can also earn money from paid posts and advertisements. Here are 26 sites that pay you to blog.
  13. You can search blogs from google directly

Here I shared all my experiences in guest posting. But still number of hidden ways are there to find blogs for guest posting. Please feel free to share your views on article through your comments below.

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