Key Aspects Of Ios App Development – A Definitive Guide For Beginners

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The app marketplace is getting more and more competitive with each passing day. And you can easily catch up with app success stories that will certainly grab anyone’s attention. Do you think you have the artistic mind and the wherewithal required to build a great iOS app? Albeit, you can’t have control over your thinking but you can definitely give iOS app development a try. However, it requires patience, time and focus on certain key aspects. I’ve listed some of the basic yet essential key aspects that will help you understand the iOS development process.

Download the SDK (Software Development Kit):

You can access Apple’s SDK for iOS development from the iOS Dev Center for free. The SDK contains everything that beginners need to carry out the development with ease, including Xcode IDE (integrated development environment), iOS Simulator and Instruments. In fact, you can get get access to iOS Developer Library so as to view complete documentation and sample codes required for iOS development.

Familiarize With Swift:

For iPhone development, Swift is the new programming language that is based on the concepts of C and Objective-C. Swift is nothing more than an abstraction of Objective-C and the fundamental LLVM compiler. It is quite familiar to the Objective-C language, however, it makes the code more readable. Swift can be called as programmer-friendly that is highly interactive and interesting programming language. What’s the best part? It comes with an innovative features, called playgrounds that allows new programmers to experiment with the code in the live Swift environment. This means you can develop the code, test it and perfect it while you’re online – which can help you save from incurring the overhead required for building and then running the application.

Install Vector Graphics Program:

With dozens of apps out there, getting your own application noticed requires creating a good-looking and unique app. However, most often beginners don’t like the idea of paying for something merely to make their app enticing and distinctive. For such first-time developers, a viable choice is to plan on adding vector graphics using the free Drawberry software. However, if you are ready to invest there are other coveted vector graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw etc. that can be used for building custom art and great designs for the app. The best thing about vector graphics is that they don’t lose clarity even if they’re are extended.

Begin Writing Your App:

Rather than reading tutorials and mastering programming language it’s better to start working with your development project. Just plan on a project and initiate working on it, even though if you possess little knowledge about app development. Besides, as discussed above since Xcode 6 gives novices the ability to work in the live environment, you can begin with writing an application, test it and even correct it at the same time. But, in case you can’t create something original you can access the iOS SDK comes with ample number of sample projects covering most aspects of iOS application development. So, you can take up some sample project and start to reverse engineer it, and new features to the app you’re developing.

Sign-up for an Apple Developer Account:

Okay, now this is the most crucial step of your development process. In order to submit your app in the Apple app store, you’ll have to sign-up as an official developer. If you want to get your app approved within a week, make sure to zip the file and upload it resources such as description, icons and screenshots. But in case there’s some issue with the app it will take longer for it to review and may eventually gets rejected. However, you can fix the bugs and re-submit.

Be Patient and Market Your App!

An app can take time to get approved by the Apple app store, so have patience and once it gets released don’t expect instant response to the released application. But to get the application noticeable it’s important to market your creation. Create a buzz about it by becoming a part of iOS developer forums, or by creating a blog on the new release and adding screenshots to your posts. You can even link your blog to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others. To conclude, in case you’ve been planning on developing an iOS app, then abiding by the above mentioned aspects will most likely help you carry out the development confidently in the right direction.

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