The Prospect Of W3c Standards And Web Development In India

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Ideally speaking, web site development must be scalable, portable, easy to maintain and compatible across browsers. This is in tune with the dream of the one of the pioneers of the World Wide Web, Mr Tim Berners-Lee, who visualizes the web as ‘a common space’ to share, play and socialize. He also suggests building websites in conformity with International web standards to ensure easier accessibility for all users, including people with special needs who are blind or people using hand held devices to access web et al. Standards compliance renders web development remarkably faster, enjoyable and closer to actualizing its full potential.

And that explains wide popularity of W3C validations in the web development arena around the world. A consortium of more than 450 members, led by Tim Berners-Lee, determines these validations through its research institutions at US, Europe and Japan. Acronym for World Wide Web Consortium, W3C validations is widely implemented and website development experts in Indiaare no different. As Indian web developers attach a lot of importance to these web standards for delivering quality and performance to their offshore clients, they are more equipped to develop websites that helps to harness more from a n internet identity. 

Web development in India upholds W3C validations high, as they seek to empower their website with the following advantages to ensure value-based end product:

  • Cross browser compatibility is a paramount accessibility issue resolved by using W3C validated CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It enhances website operability across various machines (telephones, pagers, PDAs, High-end computers etc.), old browsers and new browsers by addressing all the possible inconsistencies that may arise.
  • Search Engine Friendly web development is another key advantage, as standards compliant website is definitely more comprehensible for search engines and hence easier to index.
  • Scalability is third important advantage of W3C compliance, as standardization renders the code easier for grasping for the next web development team.

Website development experts in India recognize W3C validations as popular opinion by the prospective users of the website. Web development in India trusts these standards and uses them to maximize profits for their clients.

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