Which Mobile Optimization Method Offers Richest Pleasures For Your Business

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There is no question on the significance of online presence. If any business wants to stand ahead of its competitors, the online presence helps one to make strive in the right direction. With the advancement in web and mobile technology, and with the products and services of the tech giants including Android and Apple, today people are enjoying an easy access to almost everything via their Smart devices. The recent stats and analytics reports dictate that over 18% of the entire web traffic is generated from the mobile devices and this number will only continue to incline in the future.

Hence, you can determine that how essential it has become to create a mobile-optimized presence to boost your business value and expand your reach to a wider audience base. Thus, it is advisable to step into the mobile world and grab your piece of pie. Precisely, there are three ways to create a mobile-optimized presence, including, mobile website, native application,and responsive web design. Now, which one of these three will be ideal for enhancing your business? To answer this question, we need to ponder into each method. So, let’s have an insight into these methods.

1. Mobile Website:

While developing a mobile website for any business, one first needs to consider all the benefits and limitations of the chosen platform. Ans, there are certain other aspects as well that are required to be kept in mind during mobile website development; and these are –

  • Screen size of the targeted device
  • Limitation over the connection speed (2G or 3G), as it has been observed that mobile devices generally offer limited speed as compared to desktops.
  • Type of user interface (smart devices generally feature touchscreen).
  • The website content must be readable and attractive.
  • Mobile website must be speed-optimized as mobile user are often impatient.
  • Convenient navigation for better accessibility over mobile. It includes attractive CTA (Call To Action) buttons, well-organized data and a lot more.

Benefits of creating a Mobile Website:

  • Since, your mobile website would be lighter than the usual sites, it is supposed to load quickly.
  • You can reap the benefits of the features of a targeted mobile platform and design your site accordingly to offer an amazing user experience.
  • There are numerous proficient web and mobile development companies available out there, so can hire their services and get an efficient mobile site for your business at an affordable price.
  • If we consider the accessibility factor, it can be said that it is not better than responsive designs, but offers better accessibility than native applications. As a mobile website doesn’t requires downloading and installation.

Pitfalls of creating a Mobile website:

  • It will add to maintenance headache, as with this you will need to handle two websites. One for mobile devices and other for desktop users.
  • Additional SEO for mobile sites will be required.
  • Since, mobile site features a different URL, users are required to remember both the URLs (one for mobile sites and one for desktop sites). However, if a user forgets the URL, he will be redirected to the mobile website, but that will add a few more seconds to the site loading time.

2. Native applications:

Native applications are developed specifically to target a particular platform. It thus, can integrate some device specific hardware or software and deploy the latest technology that is incorporated in the device like GPS, camera, etc. These applications are available in the platform specific app stores, for instance, the Android users can download a requisite application from the Google Play store and the iOS users can get a desirable app from the Apple App store.

Benefits of creating Native applications:

  • As, these are designed while focusing on a particular device, they offer better user experience with highly intuitive interface than any other solution.
  • Users can conveniently access the native apps on the go, as and when desired even without any Internet connection.
  • With an efficient loader, users can instantly and flawlessly download an application.

Pitfalls of creating Native applications:

  • Not flexible enough to offer frequent application updates. And your app will be able to target only a particular platform, thus, you will miss on a huge audience base who are having devices with other platforms.
  • You will need to invest additionally in resources like mobile marketing experts, who can help you make your app search engine optimized and promote it across the globe. Thus, this approach could be a bit expensive.

3. Responsive Web Designs:

Responsive web designs are the designs that help you create a single website to target myriads of mobile devices and platforms. There are truckloads of mobile devices available out there, the iOS devices feature 7 different screen sizes and the Android platform is running on a plethora of devices that are available in numerous screen sizes. The responsive web design scales themselves to fit on a targeted platform and running device’s screen, therefore, it offers a perfect way to reach a giant customer base with utmost proficiency.

Benefits of creating a Responsive web design:

  • Since, you will be having a single website, it will convenient for you to handle and maintain it efficiently. Moreover, it would be easier for your users to remember a single URL.
  • With easy SEO and marketing, it will also incur less cost while maintaining a responsive website.

Pitfalls of creating a Responsive web design:

  • Due to different design aspects of  both mobile and desktop devices, it would be hard to deliver better user experience to both types of users.
  • There are some outdated browsers that don’t support this latest design approach.

Now, with the above mentioned compendious study of the three mobile-optimized solutions, you can streamline your choice. It is advisable to focus on your business goals and consider the pros and cons of all the three options, and opt the one that best suits your needs.

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