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If you already have a running, successful web-based business, you might wonder if and how often your website should be updated and changed. Why mess with a good thing? Well, the need to keep your site relevant, up-to-date and constantly evolving is a major factor in the long-term success of a business. A good website from two years ago might not be enough for today’s online marketplace. Some companies are looking into Content Management Systems (CMS) to see if one is a good idea for their online business.

What exactly is a CMS?

Basically, a CMS is a way to create, manage, update, edit and publish all the content in your website in an organized, efficient manner. It is a tool that doesn’t require any expertise in technology and includes an easy-to-use content editor. Similar to other software systems like Microsoft Word, the editor lets you change content, add photos, and more to the website without having to learn any complicated coding. This is all done on the back end of your website, and your site is updated through the Internet. This means you can update your site from any Internet connection, rather than having to be at your office and on the company network. There are many different CMS tools out there and some web-hosting companies have them available. A good CMS allows the user to set authority and access levels, add all types of content, has a navigation system that can be changed, maintains the history and records of any changes, has version controls, and more. Also, the user should be able to easily create online forms and pages.

Is a CMS tool right for you and your online business?

If you’d like to update your content often and quickly, and you don’t have much technical knowledge and don’t know HTML, then a CMS might be for you. Also, this type of tool can save you money even if you have an IT department, as someone not as technical (or paid as well), can manage the website. Other benefits of having a CMS are you’ll have improved site flow and navigation, better consistency throughout your website pages, greater security, less duplication of product information, capacity for growth, and more website flexibility. Many web hosting companies offer the CMS tool as a part of the overall hosting package. This might be a great option for your company if you know you’ll want to have a dynamic, organic, constantly changing website.

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