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The Prospect Of W3c Standards And Web Development In India

Ideally speaking, web site development must be scalable, portable, easy to maintain and compatible across browsers. This is in tune with the dream of the one of the pioneers of the World Wide Web, Mr Tim Berners-Lee, who visualizes the web as ‘a common space’ to share, play and socialize. He also suggests building websites in conformity with International web standards to ensure easier accessibility for all users, including people with special needs who are blind or people using hand held devices to access web et al. Standards compliance renders web development remarkably faster, enjoyable and closer to actualizing its full potential.

And that explains wide popularity of W3C validations in the web development arena around the world. A consortium of more than 450 members, led by Tim Berners-Lee, determines these validations through its research institutions at US, Europe and Japan. Acronym for World Wide Web Consortium, W3C validations is widely implemented and website development experts in Indiaare no different. As Indian web developers attach a lot of importance to these web standards for delivering quality and performance to their offshore clients, they are more equipped to develop websites that helps to harness more from a n internet identity. 

Web development in India upholds W3C validations high, as they seek to empower their website with the following advantages to ensure value-based end product:

  • Cross browser compatibility is a paramount accessibility issue resolved by using W3C validated CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It enhances website operability across various machines (telephones, pagers, PDAs, High-end computers etc.), old browsers and new browsers by addressing all the possible inconsistencies that may arise.
  • Search Engine Friendly web development is another key advantage, as standards compliant website is definitely more comprehensible for search engines and hence easier to index.
  • Scalability is third important advantage of W3C compliance, as standardization renders the code easier for grasping for the next web development team.

Website development experts in India recognize W3C validations as popular opinion by the prospective users of the website. Web development in India trusts these standards and uses them to maximize profits for their clients.

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How Is Social Media Marketing Driving E-commerce

The whole world seems to be integrated in the virtual world of social networking websites.  In case of Twitter and Facebook, it is insanely big and it should not come as a surprise if one spends a whole day or more just scaling through these social networking websites.  What started as a hub for friends and like-minded people to meet has quickly turned into something so large that it could set the prospects of your business soaring.  Here are top five reasons why social media can drive e-commerce.

  • Popularity: any person who uses internet will acknowledge the growing popularity of social networking websites.  Thousand of people join each day, they have millions of people they can choose to network with and updating happens by the seconds.  In case of Twitter for example,  the number of unique visitors from U.S reached 17 million in April, an 83% increase from March.  There is hardly anything on earth which can beat such a pace in popularity.
  • Communities: while there is every chance that you may get lost in the pool of people, communities bring in some organization. In order to apply this to e-commerce, you can join communities related to your business which immediately entails you to connection with people who belong to a business like yours.  Members of the community are constantly updating and pinging and there are high chances of finding people who would like to involve in your business directly or become your clients.
  • Interactivity: in a conventional advertising mode, your advertisement is   typically a well planned piece with a lot of time and effort put into its making.  Yet there is no way to get feedback from the people who view it.  In a social networking site,  this is ruled out.  Firstly you need not actually plan an advertisement.  If it is just written on an information mode it works fine.  In addition  to this, you can share links with people online and this way you are increasing traffic to your website and also having interested people getting there.
  • Speed: speed is the order of the day.  Social networking is now the easiest and quickest means to publicize and even sell your product all over the globe.  Even the biggest brand s in the world connect with their customers through networking websites.  No need to brood too much over writing an advertisement that your audience may like.  A simple message written in a conversational mode serves the purpose.
  • Expenditure: there is barely any money involved in using social media marketing for e-commerce.  All you need is a PC, access to internet and competence to work on the web.  This is probably the cheapest yet the most powerful modes of e-commerce
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Would A Cms Tool Be Right For Me And Do Hosting Companies

If you already have a running, successful web-based business, you might wonder if and how often your website should be updated and changed. Why mess with a good thing? Well, the need to keep your site relevant, up-to-date and constantly evolving is a major factor in the long-term success of a business. A good website from two years ago might not be enough for today’s online marketplace. Some companies are looking into Content Management Systems (CMS) to see if one is a good idea for their online business.

What exactly is a CMS?

Basically, a CMS is a way to create, manage, update, edit and publish all the content in your website in an organized, efficient manner. It is a tool that doesn’t require any expertise in technology and includes an easy-to-use content editor. Similar to other software systems like Microsoft Word, the editor lets you change content, add photos, and more to the website without having to learn any complicated coding. This is all done on the back end of your website, and your site is updated through the Internet. This means you can update your site from any Internet connection, rather than having to be at your office and on the company network. There are many different CMS tools out there and some web-hosting companies have them available. A good CMS allows the user to set authority and access levels, add all types of content, has a navigation system that can be changed, maintains the history and records of any changes, has version controls, and more. Also, the user should be able to easily create online forms and pages.

Is a CMS tool right for you and your online business?

If you’d like to update your content often and quickly, and you don’t have much technical knowledge and don’t know HTML, then a CMS might be for you. Also, this type of tool can save you money even if you have an IT department, as someone not as technical (or paid as well), can manage the website. Other benefits of having a CMS are you’ll have improved site flow and navigation, better consistency throughout your website pages, greater security, less duplication of product information, capacity for growth, and more website flexibility. Many web hosting companies offer the CMS tool as a part of the overall hosting package. This might be a great option for your company if you know you’ll want to have a dynamic, organic, constantly changing website.

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The Benefits Of Ajax Development Services

Technology never seems to take a breather from its run for progress as it belts out one pleasant surprise after another. With the phenomenal popularity of the internet across all facets of life there is a website for almost anything these days. And with the growing craze for newer and richer features like web applications on various websites serenading the visitors, there’s even more reason for further developments. But as web applications keep getting better, they become heavier to load as well, making communication between the user and the server a slow process.

Ajax steps in here as the perfect answer with a collection of technologies contributing towards the processing of a seamless interaction between the user and the client server. This has given rise to the demand for AJAX development services in the market in recent years. As a complete programming language Ajax includes some of the most effective technologies like CSS and XHTML, XML, XSLT and Document Object Model. Each of these technologies serves a specific purpose for the successful completion of the process. While CSS and XHTML makes the creation of standardized web presentations possible, XML and XSLT look after the data exchange between the server and the client. Ajax works on several operating systems as well as web applications that are based on DOM and JavaScript.

A big wave of companies offering AJAX development service has taken over the market these days, making it possible for website owners to cash in on the running trend of web applications in the market. When you decide to hire a developer take care that you choose one that can deliver you the kind of solutions that you are looking for. With the huge proliferation of Ajax development companies finding one that can offer you the right solutions isn’t a daunting task anymore. What’s more you can even find a lot of affordable options due to the fierce competition that ensues between this growing numbers of companies. Ajax is the solution to take care of all your server communication issues, thus making user experience the prime concern of website owners who use it.

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Web Development In India Growing Like Never Before

The outsourcing of software and web development to India is emerging as a key concept since Indian companies are not only being admired for their professionalism, but also for their work quality. Supporting them in this endeavour is the government and other related agencies, since it truly believes any project outsourced to India will not only bring in valuable foreign exchange but also provide employment to the Indian workforce.

The pros and cons are worth looking at since outsourcing of web development to India means not only getting cost-effective work done, but also includes a number of activities that stretch from custom software development to database development, and from web design to web development. Moreover, the concept is readily catching on since every company believes in the quality of work being done and the talent on offer. There is a marked difference in the scenario that existed a few years back when people believed that a software application could be easily developed at more than one place.

Advantage India

The potential of the Indian workforce is being recognised since it possesses the skill set that is required to cope up with the changes in technology and many other complexities in the development of a project. ‘ Availability of work force, lower cost, better quality services, high-end infrastructure and better management are some of the advantages of sending work to overseas locations. In the Indian IT industry, there is a huge number of software outsourcing companies that specialize in particular services, as well as some big names that specialize in all major services. This helps you arrive at a decision based on your budget and requirements of a project. India is a key player in the outsourcing services in IT industry. With consumer demands changing very rapidly, our professionals keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and technologies prevalent in the industry.

This automatically makes them a leading choice for clients located abroad. When you decide to outsource web development work to India, it is best to go through the prospective agencies’ portfolios in detail. Also, match your requirements with the costs of executing the project, as quoted by the company in question. Olive e-Business is a premier end-to-end business web solutions companies provider for clients who are looking to outsource their requirements and get customised solutions with regard to services like website and software development. Olive is one of the leading web development company, search engine optimization company in India that provide different services of web solutions. It is a cost effective web design company and you can contact them for the needs of your website.

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What To Look For In Web Based Application Development

There are going to be times in your business in which you want to take advantage of a particular tool, but you don’t want to invest in an expensive software program – nor do you want to hire a coder who can take the project, listen to your goals and then charge you (a small fortune) for the completed project. It’s because of this that web based application development is something that more and more business professionals are looking for and taking advantage of. With web based application development tools, you’ll find that there is no in depth coding knowledge that you need to have. In many cases, you will also find that the tools are available to you at no charge. However, just because a web based application development tool is easy to use does not mean that it is ideal for accomplishing your goals.

So, what should you be looking for when you start to look into web based application development?

You’ll want to be sure that you understand the goals of your project. If, for example, you want to be able to create an application that engages your site visitors when they are using a social networking service, you’ll want to focus on finding a web based program that takes that into consideration. You will want to focus on finding a Web Application Development tool that helps you to work with the knowledge that you have. Whether you have a lot of coding experience or very little, when you start to look into developing applications, it’s important to make sure that you are not working with a program that’s over your head (sometimes, simpler really is better). You are going to need to find a web based program that fits your budget. Keep in mind that a free program may not be the best option for creating your application, however, that does not mean that the most expensive product is best either.

You’ll want to compare tools that fit within your budget that will help you to reach your goals. You will want to be sure that you choose a program that offers you the assistance that you need. Whether you want to be sure that you can consult a guide to the program or a person who can answer your specific questions, you’ll find that it’s a good idea to make sure that the help you need is there if (or when) you need support. The more that you are able to identify what you are looking for – and what additional services you are going to require in order to get the job done – the easier that it is going to be to compare web based application development services and to find that one that best matches your needs. Just as you can’t remove a nail with a screwdriver, when you are looking for web based support you need to be sure that the tools that you’re using are right for the job.


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