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Clarification Of An Internet Marketing Plan

Yesterday I wrote about defining an Internet Marketing Plan but probably wasn’t as clear as I should have been about formulating an Internet Marketing Plan that may be right for you. We are all different and we all have our own interests and we are all good at different things. I’ll give you a short example of what your Internet marketing plan might look like. Let’s say that you have the nicest lawn in your neighborhood and you know a lot about lawn care. By having the knowledge of this one thing you would be able to define a very vivid Internet Marketing Plan.

You would start out by listing the topics that you would write about on your website which would be how to get that lawn to look great and how to maintain that lawn to look good all year long. You would then figure out what lawn products you would need to sell to get that lawn to look the way your lawn looks. All you are doing here is outlining what your website is going to be about and how you will make money with it. There will be a fair amount of people in the above example that would be interested in having a better lawn. If you show them how to get that lawn to look better they will buy the products needed to get this result.

As part of your Internet marketing Plan you would need to find a supplier of the lawn products. This could be a wholesaler that you buy directly from and resell the lawn products yourself or a drop shipper who will ship the lawn products directly to your customer or even a supplier who has an affiliate program and will pay you a commission for the referral. Basically, an Internet Marketing Plan is a detailed road map for your online business. You need to work out all of the details of your online business to avoid problems when it goes live. It’s pretty difficult to sell grass seed without a supplier. These are details that need to be worked out before you go live online.

There is no better way of selling online than providing helpful information for free and then selling the tools required to follow through on that information. The above is a good example of that. In order to do this you need to have a good plan beforehand. Your Internet Marketing Plan is what will get your online business off the ground and will help you keep it running in good order for many years to come. Without a solid Internet Marketing plan in place your online business is destined to fail from the very start. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint would you? Don’t build an online business without one. Your Internet Marketing Plan is that blueprint. Don’t build your online business without one.

Digital Marketing

Which Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Finding the best affiliate marketing program can be confusing because of all the hype associated with most affiliate programs. Hype may not be the best term to describe many affiliate programs because many of them down right lie about what their product will do. I’ve said it before and it is worth saying again, the sales page for many affiliate products are better than the product itself. I won’t stick my neck out by telling you what the best affiliate marketing program is. I will tell you what the best affiliate marketing program type is and what to look out for when determining which is the best affiliate marketing program for you and hopefully will help you make a more informed decision when choosing an affiliate program.

Watch out for affiliate program’s that claim that they are the best affiliate marketing program or the pitch page makes outrageous claims about the product because that is nothing but hype to get you to market their product. Those who truly have the best affiliate marketing program will never have to say they are the best because their reputation will speak for itself. Keep in mind that your name and your reputation is everything when it comes to marketing online. Because your customers will only know you by your online reputation it is really important that you are known as someone who helps their customers and can be trusted. The only way to know that you have joined the best affiliate marketing program is by the product or products they sell. Your reputation is only as good as the products you sell. Take the time to find the best affiliate marketing program that sells products that will be beneficial to your customer.

I think I’ve said this before in another post that the best affiliate marketing programs are those that sell physical products because you will be selling a product that the customer is looking for and it is more likely to do what the customer expects it to do and is generally much easier to target your customer base. In my opinion affiliate programs that sell digital products are generally not the best affiliate marketing programs to promote because it is very difficult to know whether or not the provided information or software is any good or just a bunch of hype. Sell people garbage and they will never buy from you again.

The best way to determine for yourself whether the affiliate program that you are considering joining is the best affiliate marketing program is by asking yourself if you would buy the product or products they sell. If your answer is no, the affiliate program in question is probably not the best affiliate marketing program to join. Take the time to do some research. The best places to get info about a product are from forums or comments posted on blogs because these people are more likely to tell the truth about the product and whether it is garbage or not. Forums and blogs are the best places to determine if the affiliate program that you are considering is one of the best affiliate marketing programs and whether it is a good fit or not.

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5 Reasons You Need To Hire A Digital Marketing Professional

Believe it or not, there are still people out there that are not aware of how useful digital marketing can be to them and their businesses. No, seriously. Yeah, I know. There are others who, although they are aware of how beneficial online advertising and digital marketing can be, are determined to produce their entire digital marketing strategy themselves, without consulting a professional. Below are five reasons why hiring a professional to service your digital marketing needs is a good idea.

1. ROI

Approximately half of all the money spent by consumers in the United States is influenced by digital marketing. Given figures like this, it is impossible to ignore the advantages of digital marketing. Digital Marketing allows companies to be laser specific and precisely target the right people so that their digital marketing strategies can produce high return on investment rates. For instance, through intelligent web design, Birmingham based businesses selling leather coats could implement keywords that placed their products in front of people who know what product they want – clothing, what type of product they want – a coat, and even the material they want the product to be made from – leather, meaning there is a good chance of them having a high conversion rate.

2. Support

No matter what task you endeavour to undertake, having a buddy alongside you is always a preferred option to going it along. Designing a digital marketing strategy is no different and having a helpful professional alongside you to help, support and guide you through it can only be a good thing.

3. Cost Effective in the Long Run

It is false economy to think that creating your entire digital marketing strategy without any outside help is going to save you money. The world of digital marketing is changing every day, and there is a lot involved in setting up your online advertising strategy. If you do not get it right, you run the risk of losing out on business, which will ultimately cost you money in the long run.

4. Knowledge is Power

Employing a qualified and experienced professional provides you with the opportunity to work alongside them and learn from their expertise.

5. Tooled Up

A professional digital marketing consultant will have access to often expensive and sometimes complex tools and software that you do not. There are free analytical tools that may tell you how many people in your area search, say, for instance, web design Birmingham, on the internet, but a digital marketing professional will have tools at their disposal that will be able to tell you more about what type of web design people in Birmingham want, where they go to get it, etc, etc. This will give you more chance of achieving a higher conversion rate.

Digital Marketing

How Is Social Media Marketing Driving E-commerce

The whole world seems to be integrated in the virtual world of social networking websites.  In case of Twitter and Facebook, it is insanely big and it should not come as a surprise if one spends a whole day or more just scaling through these social networking websites.  What started as a hub for friends and like-minded people to meet has quickly turned into something so large that it could set the prospects of your business soaring.  Here are top five reasons why social media can drive e-commerce.

  • Popularity: any person who uses internet will acknowledge the growing popularity of social networking websites.  Thousand of people join each day, they have millions of people they can choose to network with and updating happens by the seconds.  In case of Twitter for example,  the number of unique visitors from U.S reached 17 million in April, an 83% increase from March.  There is hardly anything on earth which can beat such a pace in popularity.
  • Communities: while there is every chance that you may get lost in the pool of people, communities bring in some organization. In order to apply this to e-commerce, you can join communities related to your business which immediately entails you to connection with people who belong to a business like yours.  Members of the community are constantly updating and pinging and there are high chances of finding people who would like to involve in your business directly or become your clients.
  • Interactivity: in a conventional advertising mode, your advertisement is   typically a well planned piece with a lot of time and effort put into its making.  Yet there is no way to get feedback from the people who view it.  In a social networking site,  this is ruled out.  Firstly you need not actually plan an advertisement.  If it is just written on an information mode it works fine.  In addition  to this, you can share links with people online and this way you are increasing traffic to your website and also having interested people getting there.
  • Speed: speed is the order of the day.  Social networking is now the easiest and quickest means to publicize and even sell your product all over the globe.  Even the biggest brand s in the world connect with their customers through networking websites.  No need to brood too much over writing an advertisement that your audience may like.  A simple message written in a conversational mode serves the purpose.
  • Expenditure: there is barely any money involved in using social media marketing for e-commerce.  All you need is a PC, access to internet and competence to work on the web.  This is probably the cheapest yet the most powerful modes of e-commerce